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Our Privacy Policy

We understand that the information you provide is private and we do our best to protect that information.

We do not give out your e-mail, phone numbers, pager numbers or any other information to anyone other than what is listed below.

Information is shared within the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES organization in a very limited fashion and only in accordance with the following rules:

  • The information you provide on the "My Profile" page is viewable by the Emergency Coordinator and Assistant Emergency Coordinators of the cities that you are associated with. When an EC/AEC adds you to their city's roster, they have access to the information that is on the "My Profile" page. They can also update this information as needed. This is granted to them so they can generate and maintain their city roster (and contact you in an emergency).
  • If you have signed DSW paperwork at the County level, or have been designated as a Mutual Aid Communicator (MAC), then your information is viewable by the District Emergency Coordinator and the Assistant District Emergency Coordinators (DEC/ADEC). They can also update the information that is viewable on the "My Profile" page.
  • Hams in the agencies you are associated with can only see your first name, last name and callsign, with the following exception: the coordinators in your agencies can generate rosters that will list your e-mail and phone number. A coordinator can be any one of the EC/AEC/DEC/ADEC positions.
  • Hams in agencies you are not associated may see your first name and callsign on a training roster. This is the extent of information they can see about you. Coordinators in agencies other than those that you serve cannot see your phone number and e-mail information.
  • If you hold a coordinator position (EC/AEC/DEC/ADEC), your phone number and e-mail will be listed on rosters for the agencies where you hold the position, regardless of who generates the roster. This is so others may contact you.
  • Information transmission between your web browser and this server is also secured. Communications are performed over a secure connection (using SSL technology) at these times:
    • from the time that you log into the system
    • to the time when you log out or exit the browser.
    During these times, you should see the familiar "padlock" symbol in the address bar of the web browser. This is your signal that the communications path between you and the server is encrypted and secure.

Questions regarding this policy can be directed to the District Emergency Coodinator, Santa Clara County. See for the appropriate contact information.