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ARES District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)
RACES Chief Radio Officer (CRO)
ACS Officer
Name, Call Sign Phone E-mail Ctrl-10 Responsibility
Tim Howard, KE6TIM On sabbatical
Acting ARES District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)
Acting RACES Chief Radio Officer (CRO)
Acting ACS Officer
Name, Call Sign Phone E-mail Ctrl-10 Responsibility
Andreas Ott, K6OTT (408) 431-8727 (C) K6OTT @ arrl . net OEM11 Acting Mutual Aid Coordinator
Network Manager
ARES Assistant District Emergency Coordinators (ADEC)
RACES Deputy Chief Radio Officers (DCRO)
Name, Call Sign Phone E-mail Ctrl-10 Responsibility
Jim Clark, N6JRC (650) 823-3265 (C) N6JRC @ arrl . net OEM15 Database Administrator
Jeff Grafton, AJ6XZ (571) 239-1989 (C) jgrafton @ gmail . com OEM12
Judy Halchin, KK6EWQ (408) 533-2517 (C) halchin @ mac . com OEM14 Training Coordinator
Mark Laubach, K6FJC (650) 996-2219 (C)
(408) 867-4806 (VM)
K6FJC @ arrl . net OEM16 Acting Credential Program Mgr
Frequency Coordinator
EOC Documentation & PC Updates


Support Staff

BBS & Network Support
Name Responsibility
Thomas Leibold, KK6FPP Network Infrastructure
Jim Oberhofer, KN6PE Chair, Packet Committee
Outpost PM
John Kristian, W6JMK JNOS BBS Software
Training, Exercises, and Practice
Name Responsibility
Lea Roberts, WA6ITV Acting Coordinator, Hospital Net
Steve Roth, KC6RSC Coordinator, Packet Practice Net
OPEN Coordinator, Message Passing Net
Scott Bordelon, K6SLB
Anne Akbay, KK6ZGL
Jeff Grafton, AJ6XZ
Message Passing Net NCOs (Rotating)

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