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Yellow Command - County EOC

Date: 09/06/18 Start: 8:00 AM End: 12:00 PM Location: Santa Clara County EOC
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

Note:  To sign up for this event, you must have approval of your city EC.

Yellow Command is a Bay Area-wide EOC Exercise designed to engage all levels of Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs).  It is designed to promote collaboration and coordination between jurisdictions and agencies as will be necessary in a catastrophic incident with regional impacts.  The Santa Clara County EOC will be activated.  Most cities will activate their EOCs and have internal city response activities such as shelter support. We will also be communicating with other county EOCs.

The exercise will simulate a response to a major disaster.  The simulation starts at E+96 (96 hours after the emergency incident occurs) and will be played out in real time.  It is intended to focus on the following core capabilities:

  • Mass Care Services
  • Public Health, Healthcare, and Emergency Medical Services
  • Situational Assessment
  • Public Information and Wanring
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Although the primary focus of the exercise is not emergency communications, ARES/RACES support was requested and some message traffic will be sent via amateur radio.

Pre-Exercise Training:  Participants must attend a pre-exercise training webinar.  A separate sign-up for the webinar is here.

Time:  Be at the county EOC no later than 08:00.  We plan to operate the radio room only from 09:00 to 12:00.  Attendees will receive a box lunch.

Radio Room Schedule:

  • 08:00 - 08:30  Participant arrival and check-in
  • 08:30 - 09:00  Safety/Orientation Briefing
  • 09:00 - 12:00  Exercise (working lunch)
  • 12:00 ...          Hot Wash; Turn in feedback forms, Demobilization

BAUASI Registration: 

If you sign up here, please also register on the BAUASI site at the link below.  This lets the main exercise coordinators know who's coming to each location.  And it also gets you a T-shirt if you participate.

  • For employer, enter:  Santa Clara County ARES/RACES - OES
  • Under "Date/Time Available", select "Santa Clara County" in the "Yellow Command 09/06/18" section.
  • For "Have you been referred to a specific site or a specific person?":  Check the box and enter:

The following positions are available for this event. You can state your preference when you sign up for the event. The event coordinator will attempt to accommodate your request. Based on the event and its requirements, the event coordinator may move hams to positions other than those requested.

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Net Control2
Exercise Controller/Simulator0
Field Simulator2
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