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Self-Study for Linux SysAdmin



In order to successfully build and operate many commonly used servers, including packet BBSs, mail servers, VoIP servers, and more, some basic Linux system administration ("sysadmin") knowledge is required.  This page provides a guide for the minimum Linux knowledge that anyone would need in order to be successful in running a Linux system.  Those new to Linux can use this list as a syllabus for self study.

Over time, this syllabus will be enhanced with pointers to useful reference materials. In the mean time, any Internet search engine will find numerous sources for each topic.

Note: Most of the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES BBS network runs on Ubuntu Linux.  We stick to the LTS (Long Term Support) versions. MAC P1 candidates will need to use the current Ubuntu LTS version.



Solid computer skills, attention to detail, self-motivation, and an ability to figure things out on the fly are all critical attributes of a successful Linux SysAdmin.



Download Ubuntu
Ubuntu Desktop is fine for experimentation and learning.


Online Resources


Study Topics

One needn't be an expert at any of the individual topics listed here. But one must be competent enough with each topic to perform common, everyday tasks. For example, it is not enough to have read a book or web page about the "vi" editor. One must be able to use the vi editor to: create a file, edit the file, move around in the file, edit/change the file, undo a change, save a change, exit with and without saving the file, re-open the file, cut-and-paste within the file, cut-and-paste to/from other files,  In other words, a solid working knowledge will be needed to accomplish real sysadmin file editing tasks. The same level of understanding applies to all of the topics listed below.

Basic Linux Knowledge

In order to operate a standalone server, such as a standalone packet BBS, the following minimum knowledge (and probably more) is needed.

Advanced Linux Knowledge

As you become more proficient and connect your system to other systems on a network, you'll need some additional knowledge


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This page was last updated on 11-Dec-2018