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Returning to Classroom Training

Updated: January 06, 2023


Why go back to in-person classes?

In-person classes make it easier for participants to ask questions and get immediate answers. We have seen that the participants don't ask as many questions in Zoom classes, which means people are learning less.

Another important reason for in-person classes is the opportunity for interaction and conversations among participants before class and during breaks. The community building that results is important and helps us and our organizations in any number of ways.

Numerous educational organizations have concluded that remote learning via Zoom or similar methods is not as effective as in-person learning.

With the loosening of county and state COVID-19 requirements, we have returning to in-person training classes.

Face Coverings

Santa Clara County COVID-19 Requirements Relating to Face Coverings for County Personnel and Visitors of January 5, 2023 dropped mandatory masking requirements in county facilities effective January 6, 2023. County personnel and visitors are no longer required to wear face coverings in County facilities that are not higher-risk settings, although they are encouraged to do so.

Even though current regulations require no social distancing, we intend to provide as much spacing as possible between people, but that will depend on the number of attendees in each class and the facility.


We will monitor the requirements of our facility hosts, regulations from Cal/OSHA and other state and local requirements for any changes. Any changes will be emailed to those signed up for a class before the class.

We appreciate your patience, understanding, and cooperation as we all work thru this.


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