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Public Service Events



Public Service Events are an opportunity to put our skills and capabilities to use at an actual event supporting the public. Some individual practice may occur. But individual practice is better accomplished at practice sessions.

Public Service Events can take many forms. Some of the most common are: parades, races, festivals, fireworks. These events make use of our radio operator skills and communications capabilities to help with observation, security, public support. Operators may be called upon to perform crowd observations at a checkpoint, help with a lost child (or parent), monitor and report on traffic, and many other duties. In almost all cases, direct interaction with the public is involved. This provides the operator with a very different operating environment from a typical, scripted exercise and is an important part of training for real disasters.



To sign-up for exercises, visit the Training and Events Calendar.


Credential Evaluations

Evaluations for the Credentialing Program are offered whenever and wherever the activity is conducive to evaluations and evaluators are available. Note that some types of events don't lend themselves to evaluations, and others may limit the types of evaluations we can offer.


The Training and Activities Calendar is the best place to find events.


The method for requesting an evaluation may differ, depending on the complexity of the event.

  • Separate Sign-Ups
    • At larger activities, such as the annual full-scale communication exercise, you will usually see a separate position listed for evaluations.
    • Simply select the right position when signing up.
  • Combined Sign-Ups
    • At smaller activities, where the total number of operators (eval or not) is limited, you will usually see "(with eval option)" next to the position names.
    • In this case, sign up for the position and also contact the Credentialing Program Manager


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