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2020 Year-End Summary
Updates and Key Concepts of Core Classes and Procedures

Course Description and Materials


Overview: This class will cover core course materials and operating procedures that have been updated, newly released, or not previously discussed, in the previous 12 months and provide a preview of things to come.
Intended Audience: Any new or experienced hams or MACs that participate in ARES/RACES.

Valid Technician class or higher Amateur Radio license

Length: 3 hours
Students should havw:
  • Copy of course materials (see below)
  • Pen/pencil and pad of paper
Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the changes to training classes and operations procedures that occured during 2020
  • Better understand key concepts that are reinforced
  • Be aware of additional changes that are coming soon

Note: this course is NOT a substitute for and does not replace the need to attend the core courses.

Topics Covered:

The course agenda includes:

  • Year in Review
  • Packet Update
  • Simulated Public Service Event - SET
  • Intermod Calculator
  • Training Update
  • Cupertino - Infectious Disease Response Plan
  • Forms Review
  • Credentialing Program and COVID
Scheduling Info: http://www.scc-ares-races.org/activities
Course Materials:

Classroom Presentation (Revised: xx-Dec-2020):


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