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ARES/RACES Training Courses

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Instructor-Led Courses and Workshops

For a schedule of classes and to sign-up, visit: Training and Events Database

Introductory Courses

Core Courses

Note: ICS resource types are numbered using Roman numerals, with Type I being the highest. Therefore, the course for Type III comes before the course for Type II.

Use of Training Materials


Year End Reviews

Covers: Changes over the last year; concepts that need reinforcement; preview of what's coming next year

Courses for the Credentialing Program


Qualified individuals are encouraged to become instructors. The old adage is true: "to really learn something, teach it". We can always benefit from additional perspectives and new talent.

Self-Paced Videos

Self-paced video training you can download and run on your laptop.

Self-Study Programs

A syllabus of suggested self-study topics is presented for several advanced roles. These are topics for which extensive documentation and training already exist elsewhere.


Webinars are conducted online using web conferencing tools and include screen sharing and interactive questions. You must sign up at least one day in advance so we can send you the link to participate.

See our Webinar HowTo page for helpful usage instructions.

Training Nets

Training nets are often used for practice or announcements. But are sometimes used for instruction.


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