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Amateur Radio Mutual Aid for Served Agencies

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Santa Clara County ARES/RACES follows the State of California Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) to provide support for local jurisdictions. If a local jurisdiction has exhausted its local amateur radio resources, it can request amateur radio mutual aid from the operational area. The procedures are outlined below.



The following is an abbreviated summary of the mutual aid process for Amateur Radio resources. For the complete procedure, see the Details section below.

Requesting Jurisdiction

  • If a local jurisdiction has exhausted its local amateur radio operators and needs more, then ...
  • Local jurisdiction Radio Officer (RO) creates a RACES/ACS Mutual Aid Request.
  • Local jurisdiction Emergency Manager (EM) approves the request.
  • The approved RACES/ACS Mutual Aid Request form is sent to the SCCo Op Area Mutual Aid Coordinator: the SCCo RACES Chief Radio Officer (or deputy). Transmission methods include:
    • Scan and E-mail to the CRO
    • Send via Packet Radio to the CRO at the Op Area EOC
    • Fax to the CRO at the Op Area EOC
  • Once resources arrive, the local jurisdiction RO regularly reports on status of received mutual aid resources.

Operational Area

  • The Op Area CRO receives and reviews the mutual aid request and forwards to the SCCo Office of Emergency Management (OEM) for approval.
  • If amateur radio has not already been activated, the CRO also forwards a request for RACES/ACS activation to SCCo OEM.
  • Upon approval, the CRO notifies the EC/RO from the requesting jurisdiction.
  • The county Resource Net is activated to make assignees, activate and track the movement of mutual aid operators.
  • The EC/RO from the other (unaffected) jurisdictions in the Op Area are also notified and requested to solicit operators and have them join the Resource Net.

Other Jurisdictions

  • Upon request from the Op Area CRO, each EC/RO activates their phone tree, radio nets, or other method of notifying their members that mutual aid help is needed.
  • Operators are instructed to check into the Resource Net if available for assignment.

Individual Amateur Radio Operators

  • Radio operators available for assignment check into the county Resource Net.
  • The Resource Net will verify DSW status and credentials and seek to match the right operators to the mutual aid request.


Detailed SCCo RACES Mutual Aid Procedure (PDF)



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