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Hospital Command Center Nets

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In order to function efficiently and effectively during a communications emergency, each Hospital Command Center (HCC) is expected to maintain simultaneous connectivity with several county and local amateur radio nets. The expected level of monitoring for each of the nets is described below. Some suggestions for personnel assignments are also provided.

Recommended equipment to support these nets can be found here: Hospital Command Center Equipment


Essential Nets

All HCCs are expected to monitor and participate in these nets for the most basic level of communications.




Recommended Nets

HCCs are strongly encouraged to participate in as many of these nets/services as is possible. Note that the use of these nets/services requires higher speed access connections. Such connections require a higher degree of planning due to line-of-sight issues.


Other Nets

The other types of nets in use throughout the county are listed here for completeness. There is no expectation that a Hospital would monitor any of these nets.



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