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Go Kit Forms


Standard Go Kit Forms

All ARES/RACES radio operators should have the recommended quantities of these forms in their Go Kits at all times.

NOTE: Forms should be printed single-sided. When forms are scanned after an event, the back pages are missed if double-sided forms are used.

All Go Kit Forms  (ZIP, 4.7 MB) [Ver: 20231130]
PDF Word Qty Form Name
2 RACES Mike-Mike Summary  [Ver: 20180705]
2 RACES Recommended Form Routing Cheat Sheet  [Ver: 20231130]
5 RACES Radio Routing Slip  [Ver: 20190527]
5 ICS 205 SCCo RACES Communications Plan  [Ver: 20180709]
5 ICS 211A SCCo RACES Check In List - Communications  [Ver: 20190429] 
10 ICS 213 Message Form  [Ver: 20220119]
  5 SCCo EOC-213RR Resource Request (with Guide)  [Ver: 20170803]
5 ICS 214 SCCo ARES/RACES Unit Activity Log  [Ver. 20210408]
5 ICS 309 SCCo ARES/RACES Communications Log  [Ver. 20210408]
5 ICS 314 Windshield Assessment Survey  [Ver: 200907]
3 SCCo OA Jurisdiction Status  [Ver: 20190528]
3 SCCo OA Shelter Status  [Ver: 20190619]
  3 SCCo Allied Health Facility Status (DEOC 9)  [Ver: 201802]

Usage Notes:

Additional Go Kit Forms for Specific Roles:



Pre-release Go Kit Forms

None at this time.



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