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Mesh Software

There are currently two software development efforts working on mesh networking software for hams.  Be sure to read about hardware compatibility on the web site of the software you plan to use before you purchase any equipment.

Broadband HamNet (BBHN)
The original mesh software for hams.  Most hams in Santa Clara County currently use this software.

Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN)
Some of the BBHN developers saw things differently from the rest of the group so they started their own software development effort.

Application Resources

Open source IP phone system

Open source Instant Messaging system

Network Design/Planning Resources

Frequency Allocation Charts by KB9MWR
Shows the overlaps between Amateur, Part 15, and other frequency allocations.

Ubiquity Wireless Link Calculator
Basic link analysis with pull-down menus for Ubiquity radios.

MikroTik Wireless Link Calculator
Basic link analysis for generic radios/antennas

LigoWave Wireless Link Calculator
Basic PTP and PTMP link analysis with pull-down menu for LigoWave radios plus custom option.

3-D Fresnel Zone Calculator
Generates a KML file for viewing with Google Earth.

Antenna Placement Calculator (.xlsx - 14 kB)
Calculates several parameters of interest when mounting antennas. By Michael E. Fox, N6MEF

Variety of tools to look at panoramas from a specific point, coverage from a specific point, and path profiles between two points, including first Fresnel zone.

Radio Mobile Online
Full Longley-Rice propagation modeling software.  Can export path information to Google Earth to visualize line-of-site and Fresnel zone.

802.11n Primer (Fluke Networks)

Wireless Networking in the Developing World
An excellent read! Covers a wide gamut of subjects.


User Group and Technical Support

Santa Clara County ARES/RACES Mesh Network Users Group
This group is available for users in Santa Clara County to discuss and get help on mesh networking issues specifically related to WiFi and mesh networking in Santa Clara County.  This is NOT a general discussion group for all ham users.  Click above and follow the instructions to join.

BBHN Forums
Discussion and support forums on the Broadband-Hamnet web site.

AREDN Forums
Discussion and support forums for the AREDN web site.


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