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Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)
Introductory Course of Instruction

Module M1: Course Overview

M1.4: Need for SEMS Training

Training is essential to the effective use of SEMS at all levels. The State has developed and provided an approved Course of Instruction that can be used at each of the five levels in SEMS. Agencies at all SEMS levels may use the Approved Course of instruction developed by the State, or use an internal training program to meet required training competencies. Training competencies are described at each level of the State's training curriculum as performance objectives

There are four courses within the SEMS Training Program:

  1. Introductory (this course) A self-study or instructor based course with four modules.
  2. Field Level: Nineteen modules of instruction are available for the Field Response Level. The modules are clustered into four sub-tier courses:

    Each sub-tier should be taken at different stages of career development. Together they provide over 75 hours of instruction.

  3. Emergency Operations Center Level (suitable for local government, operational areas, regional and state levels): This course includes nine modules of instruction which can be adapted for use at all EOC levels. The EOC level course provides sixteen hours of instruction.
  4. Executive Level: An executive introductory course provided as self-study or instructor based.

All instructional modules in the State Approved Course of Instruction are self contained. Each includes an instructor guide, student materials, visual material or teaching aids, and a test. Stand- alone and self-study course material provides a student manual and an optional test.

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