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The Hospital Net meets the Fourth Wednesday of each Month at 1900 hours.


Month Hospital with Net Control Duty Form for packet MHJOC* Staffed
January Stanford Hospital (SUH) XSC HAvBed Report Yes
February Palo Alto Veterans (PAV) XSC Medical Facility Status No
March El Camino Mountain View (ECM) XSC Medical Resource Request No
April Kaiser Santa Clara (KSC) a plain text message Yes
May El Camino Los Gatos (ECL) XSC HAvBed Report No
June Good Samaritan (GSH) XSC Medical Facility Status No
July O'Connor (OCH) XSC Medical Resource Request Yes
August Regional San Jose (RSJ) A plain text message No
September Valley Medical Center (VMC) XSC HAvBed Report No
October Kaiser San Jose Medical Center (KSJ) XSC Medical Facility Status Yes
November State Wide Medical and Health Exercise n/a n/a
November No Net n/a n/a
December No Net n/a n/a

* MHJOC = Medical Health Joint Operations Center

n/a = not applicable

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