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Packet Frequencies and BBS Listings

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Santa Clara County BBS Frequencies & Locations

Santa Clara County ARES/RACES operates the following BBSs.  All are based on JNOS.
("XSC" is the CAL FIRE designation for the Santa Clara County operational area.)

Call Sign AX.25 User Access BBS-BBS Location
W1XSC W1XSC-1 145.750, 223.620, 433.570   Santa Clara Co Office Bldg (San Jose)
W2XSC W2XSC-1 145.730, 223.560, 433.590   Crystal Peak (South County)
W3XSC W3XSC-1 144.310, 223.540, 433.450   Palo Alto
W4XSC W4XSC-1 145.690, 223.600*, 433.550 223.600 Frazier Peak (above Milpitas)
W5XSC W5XSC-1 varies varies Training, events, backup
W6XSC W6XSC-1 varies varies Testing, backup

*223.600 is primarily for BBS forwarding; user access should be limited to emergency/backup situations because individual users and the other BBSs on the frequency will be hidden nodes to each other.

The Santa Clara County ARES/RACES Packet Committee manages the country BBS system.  Send e-mail to:  pktcmte at scc-ares-races dot org.


Santa Clara County BBS Names & Network Addresses

Santa Clara County ARES/RACES operates the following BBSs.  All are based on JNOS.

Call Sign AX.25 Internet/AMPRnet BBS Network NET/ROM Alias


BBS Assignments

Connect/Login Instructions:

# Agency Prefix Primary BBS Secondary BBS
Santa Clara County Cities and Agencies
1 American Red Cross ARC W1XSC W4XSC
2 CAL FIRE VIPs - Santa Clara Unit SCU W2XSC W1XSC
3 Campbell, City of CBL W1XSC W4XSC
4 Cupertino, City of CUP W1XSC W4XSC
5 Gilroy, City of GIL W2XSC W1XSC
6 Hospitals (all SCCo) & MHJOC HOS W1XSC W2XSC
7 Loma Prieta Region LMP W2XSC W1XSC
8 Los Altos, City of LOS W3XSC W1XSC
9 Los Altos Hills, Town of LAH W3XSC W1XSC
10 Los Gatos, Town of LGT W1XSC W4XSC
11 Milpitas, City of MLP W4XSC W1XSC
12 Monte Sereno, City of MSO W1XSC W4XSC
13 Morgan Hill, City of MRG W2XSC W4XSC
14 Mountain View, City of MTV W3XSC W1XSC
16 Palo Alto, City of PAF W3XSC W4XSC
17 San Jose, City of SJC W1XSC W2XSC
18 San Jose Water Co SJW W1XSC W2XSC
19 Santa Clara, City of SNC W1XSC W2XSC
20 Santa Clara County XSC W1XSC W4XSC
21 Santa Clara Valley Water District VWD W1XSC W2XSC
22 Saratoga, City of SAR W1XSC W4XSC
23 Stanford University STU W4XSC W1XSC
24 Sunnyvale, City of SNY W1XSC W3XSC
Other (Non-Santa Clara County) Agencies  [See Note 1 Below]
25 CalOES - Coastal Region COS W1XSC  
26 Alameda County XAL W4XSC  
27 Contra Costa County XCC W1XSC  
28 Marin County XMR W4XSC  
29 Monterey County XMY W2XSC  
30 San Benito County XBE W2XSC  
31 San Francisco County XSF W4XSC  
32 San Mateo County XSM W4XSC  
33 Santa Cruz County XCZ W2XSC  
Other Special Tactical Prefixes
  SCCo Packet Practice PKT W2XSC W4XSC

Note 1:  Non-Santa Clara County agencies are encouraged to use their own BBS(s) in their area. This reduces the chance of "hidden transmitter problems" and regular use, such as weekly check-ins, helps test inter-county communications.  The Packet Network Addressing page contains full details of how to address messages to/from BBSs outside of Santa Clara County.  In the event an agency doesn't have their own BBS or the network links have failed, the Santa Clara County BBSs listed here are recommended for each agency.

For complete message addressing information, see:  Packet Network Addressing.


BBS Coverage Maps

Longley-Rice coverage maps showing approximate signal level in dBm.  The BBS is located at the center of each image.

BBS Call Sign 25 x 25 miles 50 x 50 miles 75 x 75 miles
W1XSC Map Coverage Map Coverage Map Coverage
W2XSC Map Coverage Map Coverage Map Coverage
W3XSC Map Coverage Map Coverage Map Coverage
W4XSC Map Coverage Map Coverage Map Coverage


Miscellaneous Packet Systems & Frequency Information


Other BBSs Reachable from Santa Clara County

Call Sign AX.25 User Access BBS Network Address Comments
N0ARY N0ARY-1 144.930
433.370 (9600) Location: Mt. Umunhum
SysOp: Gary Mitchell, WB6YRU
N6ZX N6ZX-4 145.090 Location: Skyline Blvd., Woodside
Coverage: San Mateo County
SysOp: Bill Goebner, KF6NHT
UPS and generator backup


WinLink 2000 Systems Reachable from Santa Clara County

Call Sign AX.25 User Access Other Services Comments
KE6AFE KE6AFE-10 145.630 KA-Node: KE6AFE-7
Digipeater:  KE6AFE-10
Location: Crystal Peak
SysOp: Cap Pennell, KE6AFE
W6SCF W6SCF-10 145.630   Location: West Valley
Operator: SC4 ARC


Other Local Packet Systems

Note:  this info is not maintained on a regular basis

Frequency AX.25 Digipeater Location Contact Comments
144.910 KI6DHU-1 KI6DHU North Palo Alto Mark Foster, KI6DHU 24/7 - Timewave PK-96, 5W
144.910 K6SNY-1   Sunnyvale Andreas Ott, K6OTT 24/7 - KPC-3 TNC BBS
145.050 K6FB-2 K6FB-1
KA-Node: K6FB-7
Castle Rock Ridge Skip La Fetra, AA6WK 24/7 - Battery Backed up, KPC-3 TNC
145.050 AA6WK-1 AA6WK
KA-Node: AA6WK-7
Suburban Sunnyvale Skip La Fetra, AA6WK No Battery backup, KPC-3 TNC
145.050 W6SJC-1   San Jose Craig Anderson, N6YXK BBS and APRS
145.010 N6SPB-10   San Jose Scott Santana, N6SPB RMS Packet
145.010 W6EI-10   Palo Alto Bob Iannucci, W6EI RMS Packet
145.630   W6JWS-3 Castle Rock Ridge John Smith, W6JWS Digipeater only; CRSP alias
145.730 K6ATH-10   Atherton Paul Jemelian, KG6JLE RMS Packet


Santa Cruz County Packet Information

An Acrobat table of Packet stations in Santa Cruz County can be found at:


Digital Band Plan and Other Information About Packet Networking

Band Plan:  The complete digital band plan for Northern California can be found on the Northern California Packet Association website at:



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