Notes for Santa Clara County Frequencies

  1.   Palo Alto - Maybe used by some industrial groups in Stanford Research Properties
  2.   Cupertino Shares with Foster City who uses a PL of 114.8
  1. See Santa Clara County Packet Page for current List :
  2. City of Santa Clara can link 147.510 with a PL of 100 to their repeater K6SNC 442.025 + PL 100. 927.7375 is linked to 442.025 all the time.
  3. Shared Sunnyvale Tac 5 and Campbell Alt Tac
  4. Resources NET is for HAMs who have not been assigned to check in and for tracking those in route to or from an assignment
  5. Mountain View use W6ASH 145.270 as command if not needed for Resource Net
  6. Palo Alto uses N6NFI 145.230 for a command repeater if not needed for Hospital Net.
  7. Sunnyvale uses this K6SNY when not needed by County as an Alternate for Command or Resource Nets
  8. K6FB linked, full time. 145.450 (Castle Rock) and 442.575 (Black Mountain) intended as primary alternate frequencies for message net.
  9. Campbell 146.565 linked to 441.025 Pl 156.7 K9GVF
  10. Stanford ARES repeater offset is - 12 MHz Black Mountain
  11. Stanford ARES repeater offset is - 20 Stanford campus
  12. Los Gatos/ Monta Sereno shared with Saratoga TAC Alt 2
  13. Shared with Stanford Tac PL 123.0 & Morgan Hill TAC
  14. Coordinated sharing between Mountain View ARES and Los Altos ARES

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