Preview SCC ARES/RACES Voice Frequency List - Experimental Chirp File(s)

The information available via this page is for experimental purposes only.

The Chirp utility is a free tool for radio programming. It is available here: Chirp home

The Chirp file(s) available on this page are processed from the SCC ARES/RACES frequency page. The information here is intended to be updated when frequency entries change on that page. Note that changes that do not impact radio programming may not force an update of the chirp files. Location 0 of the chirp file will represent the date of compilation.

Chirp versions change from time to time. In addition, different radios will have different CSV formats, i.e., column contents. It is not the intent to provide a chirp file for every known radio used in the County. It is the intent to provide example(s) that may be useful for agency and individual radio programming. The information here is for example use only.

File name convention: compilationdate_chirpchirpversiondate_make_model.csv

The following chirp file was prepared for a previous version of Chirp for a Kenwood TM-V71 dual-band transceiver:

Prior version(s):
prior version(s) had errors and are not listed


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