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Disaster Service Worker (Volunteer) Program

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The State of California Disaster Service Worker Volunteer Program provides worker's compensation and limited liability coverage when functioning as a Disaster Service Worker. In order to be eligible for these protections, individuals must be registered in the program, properly activated by the agency with which they are registered, and must operate according to their training.


DSW Volunteer Program Details

The DSW Volunteer Program documentation spells out which types of activities can be covered and the procedures for doing so. Volunteers should read the program guidance so they are familiar with how the program works. ARES/RACES leaders should study the guide and know how the program works so they can support their team members.


DSW Volunteer Registration

Registration in the DSW Volunteer Program is performed separately by each jurisdiction. For registration with a local jurisdiction, such as a town or city or special district, contact the local RACES leader within the jurisdiction.

Santa Clara County DSW Volunteer Registration

To be registered in the program, volunteers must complete a registration form and be sworn in. SCCo County DSW volunteers are sworn in by SCCo Office of Emergency Management personnel at pre-arranged events. When sworn in, volunteers receive a card with an expiration sticker. A new sticker will be issued every two years to volunteers who are still members of our program and have maintained their contact information in our database.

Prior to arriving at the DSW swear-in function, complete the DSW Registration Form according to the exemplar/instructions below.

While at the DSW swear-in function, complete a card according to the exemplar/instructions below.

Maintaining Accurate Records

After swear-in, DSW Volunteers must update (or reconfirm) their contact information in the training and events database annually. Only those with current contact information will be issued new expiration stickers for their card.


DSW Claims

The information below includes a description of the claims process and the documents to be completed by the injured volunteer and the supervisor. In a mutual aid situation, both the "Requesting Agency" and "Sending Agency" have responsibilities in the claims process.


DSW Program Administration

Unless otherwise defined within the jurisdiction, the RACES leader within each jurisdiction is the DSW coordinator for amateur radio volunteers in that jurisdiction. The DSW coordinator is responsible for coordinating registration, record keeping, obtaining prior approval for training events operated under DSW, supervising DSW activities, and facilitating the claims process.


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