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City / County Drill - 20-May-2023


Activation Number TBA

geeneric incident

  • Test cold-start of operations with minimal info available beforehand
  • Support city and agency communications with County

Drill Operational Period:  10:00 - 12:00 hours
SCCo EOC Participants:  Must arrive one hour early for orientation and stay one hour late for debrief.

  • 0900 - Briefing
  • 1000 - Start of drill
  • 1200 - End of Drill
  • If any, it will be provided at the beginning of the drill
  • Please make sure you check for packet bulletins; if you do not have packet capabilities, please listen for a summary on the message net.

Nets to be used:

  • Resource Net (only for county radio room participants prior to drill)
  • Message Net
  • Command Net
  • Packet Net
  • Santa Clara County EOC sign-ups here
  • City participation sign-ups - check with your city.


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