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City / County Drill - 25-Feb-2023


Activation Number XSC-23-02T

Each jurisdiction will devise a scenario that best serves its local needs. The county EOC plays a supporting and coordinating role, requesting status and receiving reports from each jurisdiction. For ideas and minimum criteria, see the Drill Instructions for ECs

  • Practice intra-city communications for local data gathering and reporting
  • Practice city to county communications for consolidated info exchanged with the county EOC
  • Provide opportunities for F3, F2, P3, P2, N3 and N2 Credential Evaluations. Packet and Field evaluations will be conducted in the parking lot. Net Control evaluations may be conducted in the parking lot.

For those working in the parking lot, an ICS-205 will be provided at staging when you arrive at the drill. Do not come to the EOC, all your work will be in the parking lot.

Those working on the EOC Radio Room Endorsement will need to bring a Position Binder for their assigned position. Those assigned to work in the ECO should come directly to the EOC.


Drill Operational Period:  10:00 - 12:00 hours
SCCo EOC Participants:  Must arrive one hour early for orientation and stay one hour late for debrief.

  • 0815 - Resource Net opens
  • 0850 - Resource net closes
  • 0900 - Briefing - will start promptly, do not be late
  • 1000 - Start of drill
  • 1200 - End of Drill
  • 12:00 - 13:00 - Clean-up and Debrief

Local Jurisdiction Schedules:

  • Consult your local ARES/RACES leadership

Nets to be used:

  • Resource Net
  • Message Net
  • Command Net
  • Packet Net
  • Several Tactical Nets at the EOC parking lot for those involved in evaluations
  • Operating at the Santa Clara County EOC - sign-ups here
  • City participation sign-ups - check with your city.


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