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Rescheduled 2019 Statewide Medical Health Exercise (SWMHE)
Wednesday, 25-Mar-2020

Preliminary Information

To help reduce the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), amateur radio participation in this exercise has been cancelled.

Overview Information

Activation Number TBD

The Statewide Medical Health Exercise (SWMHE) is an annual, objective driven, functional exercise. This exercise is designed to help healthcare, public health agencies, and additional partners test their agency response plans to an unusual health event.

The scenario for the 2019 SWMHE is a local flooding event.

Amateur Radio Mission: Although the exercise is primarily focused on the healthcare issues associated with a flood, the ability to communicate is clearly critical to being able to provide healthcare service. The conditions that cause flooding (storms) can also cause a loss of communications (lightning strikes to towers, loss of power, flooding of electrical equipment, etc.). Loss of communications related to the disaster or simply due to equipment failure or human error would hamper the ability to respond to healthcare needs. So, ARES/RACES will be part of the exercise. We will exercise the communications path between the MHJOC and the various hospital command centers. Allied health organizations may also be involved.


Amateur radio: Open to all Hospital Net and MAC amateur radio operators. Everyone MUST sign up in advance.

Healthcare: SCCo hospitals, allied health organizations (such as skilled nursing facilities, clinics, etc.) and a variety of partner agencies, including law, fire, EMS, Red Cross.


Activities involve:

  • Operating voice on the county hospital net
  • Operating packet on the county packet network
  • Possibly operating voice on an allied health net

Sign-ups are not open yet. Once the details and locations are further defined, we'll open sign-ups for each activity.

To sign up, see: 2019 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise sign-up page

Deadlines: To participate in this exercise, you MUST sign up by Sunday, Nov 17th.

Date & Time Wednesday, March 25, 2020; Approximately 08:00 to 12:30
  • Santa Clara County Medical Health Joint Operations Center
  • 12 hospitals within the county
  • Possibly some allied health facilities

The following schedule is preliminary, based on previous years' schedules. Check back occasionally for updated information:

  • 08:00 - Check in at Hospital Command Center; begin station set up
  • 08:00 - 09:00 (time varies by location) - Participant briefing
  • 09:00 - All amateur radio stations (voice and packet) set up and ready to go
  • 09:00 - Exercise play beings; check into nets (voice, packet)
  • 12:00 - Exercise plan ends; check out of nets (voice, packet)
  • 12:00 - Hot Wash begins
  • 12:30 - Adjourn; check out
Weather The activity is indoors. Weather is not a factor.
Lunch Some facilities may provide lunch for those attending the debrief after the exercise.

Like all amateur radio activities, ALL participants must bring with them or wear on their person the following minimum equipment: 

  • Driver's license or other State-issued identification card
  • Amateur Radio License
  • HT (2m minimum; 2m/440 dual-band preferred) with sufficient batteries to operate for the time you are there
  • Clipboard, note pad, pens/pencils
  • All ICS forms required for your Go Kit, including hospital forms (see Operations > Go Kit Forms)
  • Sufficient food and water for the time you are there
  • Sturdy, closed-toe shoes (wear)
  • Long pants (wear)
  • Safety vest (wear) [ANSI 107 Performance Class 2, fluorescent safety yellow/lime yellow] (or vest provided by facility to which you are assigned)
DSW SCCo DSW *may* be required for those activated by the county. Stay tuned for details closer to the event.
Credential Evaluations None anticipated during this exercise


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