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City / County Drill -- 22-Feb-2020


Activation Number None

Each jurisdiction will devise a scenario that best serves its local needs. The county EOC plays a supporting and coordinating role, requesting status and receiving reports from each jurisdiction. For ideas and minimum criteria, see the Drill Instructions for ECs


Practice intra-city communications for local data gathering and reporting. Practice city to county communications for consolidated info exchanged with the county EOC.


Drill Operational Period:  10:00 - 12:00

SCCo EOC Participants:  Must arrive at least one hour early for orientation and stay 30 minutes after for debrief.


Nets to be used:

  • Message Net
  • Alternate Message Net (check receive signal strength on VHF and UHF)
  • Command Net
  • Packet Network
  • EOC-to-EOC is optional but strongly recommended to verify operation

ICS-205 Communications Plan

  • Santa Clara County EOC sign-ups here
  • City participation sign-ups here
None currently planned. If you are desire an evaluation for a credential, contact the Credentialing Program Manager.
  • SCCo EOC T-card Rack (JPG)
  • Packet Notice with Detailed Instructions (TXT)
  • Recordings
    • Message Net (.MP3 - xxMB)
    • Command Net (.MP3 - xxMB)
    • Note: Listening with a tool that shows the audio wave form (such as the free tool Audacity), will allow you to jump past quiet periods.
  • Scorecard / Dashboard (TBD)
  • After Action Report (TBD)


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