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City / County Drill -- 17-Aug-2019


Activation Number None

Each city will devise a scenario that best serves the city. For ideas and minimum criteria, see the Drill Instructions for ECs


Practice intra-city communications for local data gathering and reporting. Practice city to county communications for cosolidated info sent to the county EOC.


Drill Operational Period:  10:00 - 12:00

SCCo EOC Participants:  Must arrive at least one hour early for orientation and stay one hour late for debrief.


Nets to be used:

  • Message Net
    • Include testing alternate message net repeaters
  • Command Net
  • Packet Network
  • EOC-to-EOC is optional
  • Santa Clara County EOC sign-ups here
  • City participation sign-ups here
MAC Evaluations
  • SCCo EOC T-card Rack (JPG)
  • Packet Notice with Detailed Instructions (TXT)
  • Recordings
    • Message Net (.MP3 - 50MB)
    • Alternate Message Net (.MP3 - 50MB)
      • RX audio at the County EOC: Audio from those calling the county on the UHF repeater was almost unintelligible. It sounded extremely overmodulated. It took several people listening to make out what was being said, and only after the caller had repeated it several times. On this recording, it is much more readable, but still nowhere as clear as audio from the VHF repeater. So we may have both a radio problem in the EOC and a repeater (or link) problem.
      • TX audio at the County EOC: Audio (modulation) from the county EOC operator is low. The radio does not have a mic gain setting.
    • Command Net (.MP3 - 50MB)
    • Note: Listening with a tool that shows the audio wave form (such as the free tool Audacity), will allow you to jump past quiet periods.
  • Scorecard / Dashboard (TBD)
  • After Action Report (TBD)


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