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WiFi/Mesh Operations Assignment

County-wide Communications Exercise


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Assignment Overview

You will be simulating a deployment to a typical field location such as a shelter, school, fire station, neighborhood CERT command post, or other location.  Your assignment will be to set up a communications station and send/receive several messages. If you don't have WiFi/Mesh equipment, you can use one of the pre-configured stations that will be available.  You will receive a detailed assignment briefing when you check-in at the WiFi area.


There is no fixed schedule for the WiFi assignment.  If you are also participating in a Net Control assignment, you need to manage your own time to ensure that you make your Net Control assignment on time.

Station Equipment Configuration

You can determine how simple or complex you want to make your station.  Some examples:

In all cases, you'll need at least the minimum equipment required for the drill, which includes the standard forms. (See the main drill page for a list of minimum equipment.)

Some things to keep in mind:


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