Santa Clara County OES, California

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Net Control Assignment

County-wide Communications Exercise


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Assignment Overview

You will be simulating a deployment to an EOC, alternate EOC or other location with a pre-configured net control station. Your assignment will be act as net control and/or scribe for one or more nets. You will receive a detailed assignment briefing when you check-in at the Net Control area.


The net control schedule is critical to the operation of the whole drill since none of the other activities can function without a net control.

You must check-in at the net control area at least 15 minutes prior to your assigned shift so you can be briefed and be ready to start take over your assigned net on time.

Station Equipment Configuration (Non-Eval & Eval)

The net control station equipment will be provided.  You will still need the have the minimum required equipment for the drill with you at all times. In particular, your HT and an earbud can be helpful to allow you to hear doubles while you are transmitting.


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