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Field Operations Assignment

County-wide Communications Exercise


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Assignment Overview

You will be simulating a deployment either as a rover or at a typical fixed field location such as a shelter, school, fire station, neighborhood CERT command post, or other location.  Your assignment will be to set up a communications station and send/receive several messages. You will receive a detailed assignment briefing when you check-in at the Field Operations area.


There is no fixed schedule for the Field assignment.  If you are also participating in a Net Control assignment, you need to manage your own time to ensure that you make your Net Control assignment on time.

Station Equipment Configuration (non-MAC Eval)

If you are not participating in a MAC Evaluation, then you can determine how simple or complex you want to make your station.  Some examples:

In all cases, you'll need at least the minimum equipment required for the drill, which includes the standard forms. (See the main drill page for a list of minimum equipment.)

Some things to keep in mind:

Station Equipment Configuration for MAC Evaluations

If you are requesting a MAC evaluation for either the F3 or F2 qualification during your assignment, then:


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