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Radio Direction Finding (RDF) Mini-Drill Information and Documentation

12 August 2023

Description: Simulation Scenario: SCC ARES/RACES has been asked to provide and coordinate responders to assist a local agency in finding some lost radios with stuck transmitters in a city park. Radio Direction Finding (RDF) techniques will be used to locate each transmitter.

FUN Training Part: A 20 minute briefing and short introduction to RDF will be given at the park before the search teams are deployed. Participants will self-organize into field teams of two or more people. Teams will need to maintain communications with Net Control. A map will be provided and used to report grid-based locations.

DRILL Part: This event is being conducted as a “mini-drill” and will count for SCC Credential county drill event credit. All radio operators are to follow county procedures for this event, including: Resource Net mobilization and demobilization, all required forms filled out, procedures, equipment, personal dress, etc. in order to receive drill credit).

STAFFING Part: The ICP will include up to four NCO event operators, two NCO resource net operators, and command staff.

RDF Equipment and Preparation: Please bring your own equipment if you have it. If you don’t have any equipment and are interested in direction finding, you are quite welcome to attend. A limited amount RDF equipment will be available for loan during this event. Please read up and be familiar with the Radio Direction Finding course material located under the Training and Events section of the county website.
Additional information: Plan to walk for 1.5 to 3 miles during the course of the 60 to 90 minute assignment on mostly paved park paths, some grass in the main park area. In The Annex expect dirt paths and some uneven ground, potential gopher holes, etc.

Dress for the expected weather on the day of the event. Please bring sufficient water and food as for your personal needs. Bring appropriate personal sun protection.

Shorts are permitted at this event. No open toe shoes!!!

Bring and wear your lime-yellow identification vest. This is a very public location and you need to be clearly identified as a ham radio operator participating in the drill.

If you have pedestrian 2m RDF equipment, please bring it.

Credential Evaluations: A limited number of S3, N3 and F3 evaluation positions may be available. Please indicate your interest when you register for the event and contact the event IC well prior to the event to confirm availability of an evaluation. As always, credential evaluation type and positions will be limited to the available credential evaluators attending the event.

If 1) you have received positive confirmation from the IC, 2) it is less than a week before the date of the event, and 3) you haven't heard from your Credential Evaluator, then contact the IC ASAP.

Shadow position priorities:

Check the event sign-up listing to see if any Shadow positions are available for this event. If yes, shadow position assignments will be prioritized as Highest: those undergoing an S3 evaluation at the event, Next: those with no Shadow credentials and want an interactive learning experience, Then: those with a Shadow credential.

Preparation for Fox Hunting: Youtube videos on introductions to Radio Direction Finding:

Tape Measure Yagi

VK3YNG Mk4 sniffer (blue box) RDF Equipment Ideas for VHF Foxhunting and Radio-Orienteering Body Fade Techniques

Links last verified: 20 July 2023

Drill Materials: Reading and understanding the following documentation is required for attending the RDF mini-drill event. You may need to bring a printed copy with you. Your pre-planning should not depend on there being extra copies of these materials available at the event.

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