The ground is saturated. A new storm has added three inches of rain in the past twelve hours. Now a massive tree has fallen into a creek in your town. It has fully blocked the creek near a home for seniors with limited mobility, and the rising water is forcing evacuations. Your city RACES has been activated, and the city emergency manager has asked for hams to staff the evacuation center and the city EOC, as well as act as shadows for city officials.

This is happening in several cities in the county (those cities who plan to participate in the drill), and the EOCs in those cities have been staffed. Therefore, Santa Clara County OES has opened the SCC EOC, and is asking for information from the affected cities. The RIMS operator in your city is not available, and hams have been asked to send the RIMS reports to the county by packet.

You can modify this scenario to fit your local environment. The drill will be 1400-1600, Saturday, January 25, 2003.

Frequencies and repeater information will be forthcoming, but I thought you should get this scenario ASAP.

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