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Weekly Packet Check-in Procedures

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General Information

Weekly packet check-ins are conducted by the two main emergency communications service groups in Santa Clara County:

Check-ins close promptly at 2000 hours (8pm) on Monday (for SPECS) or Tuesday (for SVECS). It is best to not wait until the last minute to send your message since forwarding your message across the BBS network does take a short but finite amount of time.

Check-in messages may be sent up to six days prior to the check-in deadline.

Everyone is welcome to check-in on either or both nights.  Using multiple different methods is encouraged: your assigned primary BBS, your assigned secondary BBS, AMPRnet, BBS Network, Winlink, e-mail.


Weekly Rotating Simulated BBS Outage

Each week, we simulate a different BBS outage.  The BBS will not actually be disabled.  We will simply avoid using it for check-ins that week.  The purpose is to verify that both the network and our user community can easily deal with a catastrophic failure and still get the message through.

The scheduled for simulated outages is as follows:

Check-in Day Simulated Outage
First Monday or Tuesday of the month W1XSC
Second Monday or Tuesday of the month W2XSC
Third Monday or Tuesday of the month W3XSC
Fourth Monday or Tuesday of the month W4XSC
Fifth Monday or Tuesday of the month none

Note: In the event of a real outage, the simulated outage schedule is suspended for that week.

Do not use a BBS for check-ins the week it is being simulated as down


You consult the "SCCo Packet Tactical Calls" bulletin and determine that the primary and secondary BBSs used to receive "SCCo Packet Net Check-ins" are W2XSC and W4XSC, respectively.

Example 1: It is the first Monday or Tuesday of the month. Your primary BBS is W1XSC.  Therefore, your BBS is simulated down and you can't use it to send a message. The recipient's BBS (W2XSC) is unaffected. So, you connect to your assigned secondary BBS to send your message to PKTMON@W2XSC or PKTTUE@W2XSC.

Example 2:  It is the second Monday or Tuesday of the month.  Your primary BBS is (W1XSC) is unaffected. The recipient's BBS (W2XSC) is simulated down so it cannot be used to receive check-ins. Therefore, check-ins will be received on the secondary check-in BBS (W4XSC). So, you connect to your assigned primary BBS and send your message to PKTMON@W4XSC or PKTTUE@W4XSC.

Example 3:  Is is the second Monday or Tuesday of the month. Your primary BBS is W2XSC. So your BBS is simulated down. The recipient's BBS (W2XSC) is also simulated down. So, you connect to the assigned secondary BBS and send your message to PKTMON@W4XSC or PKTTUE@W4XSC.

Confused?  Think of it like this:  You have a primary e-mail account on Yahoo and secondary/back-up account on Google.  Your friend has a primary e-mail account on Google and back-up account on AOL.  If Yahoo is down, you can't use it to send your message, so you use your Google account. If Google is down, neither you nor your friend can use it. So you send your message from your Yahoo account to your friend on his/her AOL account. 

Ask questions on the scc-packet Yahoo group.


Monthly Rotating Message Format Schedule

Please use the designated message format according to the schedule below. If you have difficulty with PacFORMS, or if you are from checking in from another county, you can use a plain text message. But for Santa Clara County users, the use of PacFORMS is critical to EOC operations and is strongly recommended when indicated below.

Month Message Format
January Plain Text
February PacFORMS:  XSC ICS-213 Message Form
March PacFORMS:  XSC EOC Resource Request
April PacFORMS:  XSC City Scan/Flash Report
May Plain Text
June PacFORMS:  XSC ICS-213 Message Form
July PacFORMS:  XSC EOC Resource Request
August PacFORMS:  XSC City Scan/Flash Report
September Plain Text
October PacFORMS:  XSC ICS-213 Message Form
November PacFORMS:  XSC EOC Resource Request
December PacFORMS:  XSC City Scan/Flash Report




Check-In Message

Weekly check-ins can be sent using simple text messages or any of the PacFORMS forms. The use of PacFORMS is encouraged for Santa Clara County users. It is also recommended to follow the PacFORMS schedule above so you become familiar with and verify operation of all of the various formats.


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