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Packet BBS Service

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Packet BBS Service Notices

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The Santa Clara County ARES/RACES network provides a standard amateur radio packet BBS (Bulletin Board System) service. The service provides full-service BBS functionality (messages and bulletins) throughout Santa Clara County even if the entire Internet is completely down. The service can also send and receive e-mail to/from Internet e-mail addresses. But the service is not in any way dependent on the Internet.


Service and Network Info

Packet BBS Service Description

Packet Frequency and BBS Listings

Packet Network Addressing

The Packet BBS Service can be accessed using any of the following technologies. Click on the following links for detailed station configuration and usage information.





Older Presentations



Outpost and PacFORMS are the standard client software used in Santa Clara County ARES/RACES.  Outpost provides an easy to use, e-mail-like user interface for sending, receiving and managing packet messages.  PacFORMS provides an HTML representation of many standard county forms and optimizes the sending and receiving of forms-based information over a packet network. 

Download Packet Client Software


Application Notes

Configuration and Set-up Instructions

Operating and Usage Instructions


Reference Info


Weekly Nets

Join us for the Weekly Packet Check-in on Mondays and Tuesday evenings. Everyone is welcome to check-in.  Consult the Weekly Packet Check-In Procedures page for complete details.




Santa Clara County ARES/RACES Instructor-led Courses
Covers everything from assembling and using an existing packet user station up through building your own user station and using advanced BBS features.

Santa Clara County ARES/RACES Self Study
Covers building and running your own packet BBS and how to become a Santa Clara County BBS operator.


User Group

Santa Clara County ARES/RACES Packet Users Group - scc-packet
This Yahoo group is available for users in Santa Clara County to discuss and get help on packet networking issues specifically related to the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES packet BBS service.  This is NOT a general discussion group for all ham users.  Click above and follow the instructions to join.


Technical Support

How to Request Packet Networking Technical Support


If you have Packet Information that you would like to have included here,
please contact the Webmaster, Phil Henderson

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