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Outpost and PacFORMS are the standard client software used in Santa Clara County ARES/RACES.  Outpost provides an easy to use, e-mail-like user interface for sending, receiving and managing packet messages.  PacFORMS provides an HTML representation of many standard county forms and optimizes the sending and receiving of forms-based information over a packet network. 

Contents:  This program installs both Outpost and PacFORMS and includes optimized configuration files for the Santa Clara County BBSs and several popular TNCs. 

General Release Version

This version is for use by all Santa Clara County packet BBS service users.


Key New Features:

Release Notes:

Known Issues:


Step 1: Download the installer to your hard drive

  • Most users should click on the link below
  • ECs and AECs only:  To download the installer with additional PacFORMS for EOCs and hospitals, go to the Training and Events database, log in, look near the bottom of the left column and select "SCCo Packet Installer".

Step 2: Run the installer

An important consideration when installing Outpost is the location of the Outpost data directory. The default data directory location used by the installer assumes that the Windows account installing Outpost has Windows Administrator privileges and is the only user of Outpost. If either of these two conditions is not true, then an alternative location for the data directory is needed. Use the following recommendation when selecting the location for the Outpost data directory:

  • If a single Windows account will be the only user of Outpost, and if that account has Windows Administrator privileges, then:
    • Double click on the installer .exe file to launch the installer
    • When the installer asks for the "Outpost data location", you can use the default value
    • If you think you might add additional Windows users in the future and those users will need access to Outpost, you should use a location that is not restricted to a single user, such as: C:\SCCo Packet
  • Otherwise:
    • Double click on the installer .exe file to launch the installer
    • If the user running the installer is not a Windows Administrator, Windows will ask for the Administrator password. Enter it (or have your IT person enter it).
    • When the installer asks for the "Outpost data location", use a location that is not restricted to a single user, such as: C:\SCCo Packet
    • All Windows users will be able to see the same messages in Outpost.

Step 3: Perform initial set up and testing

Download SCCo Packet Installer v140   29-Aug-2018 (.EXE - 8.33 MB)
    (includes Outpost v3.2.0 c118 with SCCo custom setups and PacRELEASE v4.4, plus SCCo OA Shelter Status PacFOR)


Pre-Release Version

Add-On: Generic CERT Damage Assessment

This Add-On adds a generic CERT Damage Assessment PacFORM to an existing Outpost installation. This form will be used at the Oct 27, 2018 Countywide Communications Exercise. At this time, we don't know if it will be a permanent addition or not. So only those who will operate packet at the exercise need to add it.


Step 1: Make sure Outpost is already installed. If not, use the link above to install the SCCo Packet Installer v140

Step 2: Download the installer to your hard drive

Step 3: Run the installer

  • When asked to "Select Destination Location", accept the default of "C:\PacFORMS"
  • When asked "Integrate this Add-on with Outpost on this PC?", click "Yes"
  • If you have more than one copy of Outpost installed (such as the SCCo Packet installer plus generic Outpost), the installer will ask you to select a program directory. Select the SCCo Packet directory. This is usually: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SCCo Packet"

Step 4: Test

  • Open Outpost
  • Launch the form: Forms > XSC CERT Damage Assessment
  • Verify you can send/receive the form to yourself

Download CERT Damate Assessment Add-On v04   23-Oct-2018 (.EXE - 480 KB)


About Outpost and PacFORMS

About Outpost
Outpost Packet Message Manager software is written by Jim Oberhofer, KN6PE, and is available at The generic version of Outpost can be installed on the same machine as the above combined installer. 

Outpost User Manual and other documentation on Outpost website
Getting Started with Outpost (01/07/09), 652kb Acrobat
An Introduction to Outpost Packet Message Manager (03/14/09), 747kb Acrobat
Additional Presentations can be found at:

About PacFORMS
PacFORMS is written by Phil Henderson, KF6ZSQ.  For a brief description of the PacFORMS system, go here.


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