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BBS Forwarding Links


Target Audience

This page is primarily intended for BBS sysops who may be interested in linking with our network, and for other people who may be interested in the types of networking links maintained by the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES packet network. 


Forwarding Partners

Just one link to the rest of the BBS network is theoretically sufficient to be able to deliver a message to any other BBS.  But the more links to different BBSs, the fewer hops messages will take to reach that destination.  The Santa Clara County ARES/RACES BBS network maintains forwarding links with the following BBSs.

Call Sign AX.25 Connect BBS Address Location Notes
AG6QO AG6QO-4 Winters, CA Official NTS relay station
KF6NHT KF6NHT-4 Woodside, CA Primarily for sysop testing for N6ZX
N0ARY N0ARY-1 Mt. Umunhum, CA South Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey
N6RME N6RME-1 Diamond Springs, CA Greater Sacramento area
N6ROE N6ROE-3 Whittier, CA Greater Los Angeles area
N6ZX N6ZX-4 Woodside, CA San Mateo County - Coastside and Bayside
W6RAY W6RAY-3 San Joaquin Valley, CA Park Ridge (east of Fresno), covering the South Central Valley



Forwarding Links

The forwarding schedule changes over time for various reasons.  We'll try to keep this page relatively up-to-date.  Treat this information as "typical" or "representative".

From BBS To BBS Link Type Schedule
W1XSC W2XSC, W3XSC, W4XSC RF - 70cm 3/hour
  W6XSC AXIP 3/hour
  N6RME Telnet 3/hour
W2XSC W1XSC, W3XSC, W4XSC RF - 70cm 3/hour
  W6XSC AXIP 3/hour
  AG6QO Telnet 3/hour
  W6RAY AXIP 3/hour
W3XSC W1XSC, W2XSC, W4XSC RF - 70cm 3/hour
  W6XSC AXIP 3/hour
  N6ROE AXIP 1/hour
W4XSC W1XSC, W2XSC, W3XSC RF - 70cm 3/hour
  W6XSC AXIP 3/hour
  N0ARY RF - 1.25m 2/hour
  N6ZX RF - 1.25m 2/hour
  AG6QO AXUDP 3/hour
  N6RME Telnet 3/hour

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The Santa Clara County ARES/RACES Packet Committee manages the county BBS network.  To inquire about setting up forwarding links or other types of networking connections to our network, send e-mail to: pktcmte at scc-ares-races dot org.



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