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Intranet Access Service

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Intranet Access Service Notices




The Santa Clara County ARES/RACES network provides a standard TCP/IP access across the SCCo ARES/RACES network. The service allows high-speed, county-wide access to services provided by county or city/agency ARES/RACES groups and is available even when the Internet is completely down.


Service and Network Info

Intranet Access Service Description

The Intranet Access Service can be accessed using any of the following technologies. Click on the following links for detailed station configuration and usage information.



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Application Notes

Policies and Procedures

Configuration and Setup



User Group

A discussion/e-mail group is available for SCCo ARES/RACES members interested in TCP/IP networking.

To Join: Visit our Discussion Groups page to learn how to subscribe to our main Announce group. Once approved, you can subscribe to the TCPIP group.


Technical Support

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If you have E-mail Networking Information that you would like to have included here,
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