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E-mail Service Notices




The Santa Clara County ARES/RACES network provides a standard Internet-style e-mail service. The service provides e-mail functionality throughout Santa Clara County even if the entire Internet is completely down. The service can also send and receive e-mail to/from Internet e-mail addresses. But the service is not in any way dependent on the Internet.


Service and Network Info

E-mail Service Description

E-mail Domain Names and Server Information

The E-mail Service can be accessed using any of the following technologies. Click on the following links for detailed station configuration and usage information.



E-mail Service Overview (PDF)



Thunderbird E-Mail Client

We support the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client. For consistent workflow and training, especially when providing or receiving mutual aid, all SCCo ARES/RACES e-mail users should use the Thunderbird client.


Application Notes

Policies and Procedures

Configuration and Setup

Operations and Usage



Mail Server Monitoring Tools



User Group

A discussion/e-mail group is available for SCCo ARES/RACES members interested in E-mail networking.

To Join: Visit our Discussion Groups page to learn how to subscribe to our main Announce group. Once approved, you can subscribe to the Email group.


Technical Support

How To Request E-mail Technical Support


If you have E-mail Networking Information that you would like to have included here,
please contact the Webmaster, Phil Henderson

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