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How To Request E-mail Technical Support

User Questions   |   Administrator Questions


User Questions:

Post questions to the scc-email User Group

We have a user community with many very experienced users. At least one of them probably knows the answer to your question. So post your question to our scc-email Yahoo user group where all of our local users can see the question and benefit from the answer.

Question Types:

General Thunderbird E-mail Client Functionality

The Mozilla Thunderbird Support web page has much more detailed information than we could ever hope to accumulated. So, for any general questions about how to do something in Thunderbird, consult there first.


If you have a question or problem related to connecting to one of the e-mail servers, be sure to include the following information:

  • If you receive a pop-up error window, write down and report the complete, word-for-word error message it contains.

Message Send/Receive

Step 1: If you received an error message, check the E-mail Error Messages page for a description of common error messages and a corrective action for each one..

Step 2: If you still have a question or problem related to the handling of a specific message or what happened during a specific session, be sure to include the following information:

  • E-mail server name
  • Date and time the problem occurred
  • E-mail address (username) of sender
  • Client (sender's) IP address
  • SMTP message ID, if known


System Administrator Questions:

Send questions directly to a system administrator

Mail system administrators outside of Santa Clara County are typically not members of the scc-email user group.  And system-level details are usually not appropriate for the scc-email user group list. So, send the information directly to one of the postmaster at the relevant system.

Question Types:


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