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E-Mail Error Messages

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Some common error messages are shown below, along with steps user can take to avoid the error. Note that the client may display additional information before, and may display diagnostic information after, the error messages below. Be sure to check the entire error message for the text below.


Errors While Sending E-mail

The following errors may be seen while attempting to send e-mail messages.

"4.5.3 Error: too many recipients"

"4.7.0 <servername> Error: too many connections from <ipaddress>"

"4.7.1 Error: too much mail from <ipaddress>"

"4.7.1 Error: too many recipients from <ipaddress>"


Errors While Retrieving E-mail

The following errors may occur while attempting to retrieve e-mail messages.

"Mail server <ipaddress> responded: Disabled."


Other Errors

Nothing at this time.



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