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Software for Data Stations

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Effective operation of a data station during an emergency situation means being able to immediately and efficiently use the software tools that are available on that station. Standardization of those tools means any operator should be able to use any station. So, the recommended standard tools are listed below.

Of course, individuals can use whatever they choose on their own machines. But all operators should know how to use the tools below. And all stations that have the potential to be used by multiple users should have these tools installed.



Client Station User Software Recommendations

The following software tools should be on any station used for emergency communications.

Application Type Recommended Application
Packet Client SCCo Packet Installer (Outpost & PackItForms)
Web Client Mozilla Firefox
E-mail Client Mozilla Thunderbird
Terminal Emulator PuTTY
File Transfer FileZilla or WinSCP
Text Editing Notepad++
PDF Pseudo-printer Cute PDF Writer or included in Windows 10 and in Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Office Compatible Applications LibreOffice (if Microsoft Office is not available)
Anti-X (virus, malware, adware, spam, ...) Windows Defender Antivirus or personal/policy preference
Firewall Windows Defender Firewall or personal/policy preference
Checksum Utility MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility (the free version works fine)


Network Planning and Analysis Software Recommendations

The following additional applications are helpful for network planning, analysis and troubleshooting.

Application Type Recommended Application
Network Scanner Angry IP Scanner
Network Traffic Analysis Wireshark
RF Propagation Analysis Radio Mobile


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