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Network Access using TCP/IP over UHF Amateur Radio

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TCP/IP access over UHF radio allows the use of regular TCP/IP protocols such as Telnet, POP and SMTP. This is only effective if the radio channel data rate is at least 56 kbps. Special UHF radios that use wider channel bandwidths, higher modulation rates, and compression allow such speeds over amateur radio UHF frequencies. This enables existing field or base station antennas to be used for higher speed connectivity and access to additional services.


Accessible Services

TCP/IP over UHF Amateur Radio can be used to access the following SCCo ARES/RACES network services:


How To Connect

Due to the high signal-to-noise ratio requirements of TCP/IP over UHF radio, we anticipate that fixed sites with roof-top, high-gain UHF antennas are needed. See equipment recommendations below.


Equipment and Software



General TCP/IP




User Group

Santa Clara County ARES/RACES TCP/IP Network Users Group - scc-tcpip
This Yahoo group is available for users in Santa Clara County to discuss and get help on issues specifically related to TCP/IP connectivity to and through the SCCo ARES/RACES data network.  This is NOT a general discussion group for all ham users.  Click above and follow the instructions to join.


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