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Network Access using TCP/IP over LAN

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Multi-megabit LAN connections to the Santa Clara County data network are available at a few sites which are co-located with a county backbone site. Depending on the location, the physical link may be Ethernet twisted-pair wire or fiber..


Accessible Services

TCP/IP over a LAN connection can be used to access the following SCCo ARES/RACES network services:


How To Connect

LAN connections are only available at a few locations which are co-located with the SCCo ARES/RACES network hub sites.


Equipment and Software






User Group

A discussion/e-mail group is available for SCCo ARES/RACES members interested in TCP/IP networking.

To Join: Visit our Discussion Groups page to learn how to subscribe to our main Announce group. Once approved, you can subscribe to the TCPIP group.


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