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Network Access using AX.25 over IP or UDP

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The AX/25 protocol can be carried by IP (Internet Protocol) or UDP (User Datagram Protocol). This enables AX.25 tunnels to be created wherever IP connectivity exists. This access method is primarily used for BBS-to-BBS forwarding.


Accessible Services

AX.25 over IP or UDP can be used to access the following SCCo ARES/RACES network service:


How To Connect


Equipment and Software



Technical Reference



User Groups

The Northern California Packet Association (NCPA)
This website provides band plans an other information for packet operators in Northern California. Join the e-mail distribution list for general packet information. A separate e-mail list is available for NorCal BBS sysops to coordinate forwarding information.

AMPRnet (Amateur Packet Radio Network)
Operated on IP network 44 (, this network connects BBSs across the world using AXIP tunnels. The WIKI has instructions on how to connect, and the Portal is where you can configure your gateway information. The 44net mailing list is used by AMPRnet gateway operators to coordinate activities, share information, and troubleshoot problems.


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