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Required ARES/RACES Courses for Credentials

C4   |   F3   |   F2   |   F1   |   N3   |   N2   |   N1   |   P3   |   P2   |   P1  |   S3   |   S2   |   S1

Each section below lists the approved Santa Clara County ARES/RACES courses for each credential, as defined in the Credentialing Program Handbook.  The first listing under each level is the course (or courses) required by the current version of the MAC Program Handbook.  Additional entries (if any) define approved equivalent courses from previous years.

To register for courses, go to the Activities Database.

C4 - Communicator Type IV

F3 - Field Communicator Type III

F2 - Field Communicator Type II

F1 - Field Communicator Type I

N3 - Net Control Operator Type III

N2 - Net Control Operator Type II

N1 - Net Control Operator Type I

P3 - Packet Operator Type III

P2 - Packet Operator Type II

P1 - Packet Operator Type I

S3 - Shadow Communicator Type III

S2 - Shadow Communicator Type II

S1 - Shadow Communicator Type I


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