This form is an enhanced Web Form version of the ARRL form, FSD-98(687) (an Acrobat Form), that has been generated to assist the Emergency Coordinators (ECs) in Santa Clara County with registering Hams in the area that would like to volunteer for ARES/RACES emergency services.

When filling out the form, some entries are flagged if there is no entry, but leaving out information in a field does not inhibit the form results from being mailed to the EC or back to the user. An exception, of course, is if the EC has not been selected, or the user's E-Mail has been left out or there is an E-Mail error. In these cases, only the E-Mail selected will be sent. If there is NO E-Mail indicated or selected, nothing is mailed.

When the form is filled out and submitted, the reply screen to the user shows what information has been entered. The user can check out the information, and if there is an error, it can be corrected by selecting the BACK button, fixing the incorrect entry, and SUBMITting it again. Once all the information is acceptable, the information is sent to the selected EC and back to the user's e-mail address.

There is only minor checking with the regard to the user's e-mail address. If the format appears to be correct but the address is actually incorrect, the user will NOT get a copy of the form results... So be accurate.

If you find problems with the use of the form, or have change or enhancement suggestions, please contact me, Phil Henderson, at

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