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Welcome to the Santa Clara County ARES/RACES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services / Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) homepage.  Add this page to your bookmarks to stay up-to-speed on amateur radio emergency communications capabilities throughout Santa Clara County, California.

This is a Non-Emergency, Information Only Message:

W6ASH - Linking is down: The W6ASH repeaters are being relocated during the next two to three weeks. Both the 2 meter and 440 W6ASH repeaters will be usable from other temporary locations during the relocation. However, linking of W6ASH to AA6BT for the Resource Net will not be available during this transition. All users that used W6ASH should determine if they can reach either AA6BT or N6NAC during the interim. The relocation is expected to be completed by the 2nd week of July. (06/26/22 KE6TIM) UPDATE: Repeaters have been successfully relocated but are awaiting some cabling before they can be turned on. This is expected to take another 2 to 3 weeks. The temporary repeaters are still operational but without the ability to link W6ASH to the Resource Net.(07/18/22 KE6TIM)

Command Net: The W6GGF-UHF repeater is currently operating on reduced power. While it is being repaired, the K6SNY-UHF repeater [443.275 (+) 107.2] will be used for the primary county Command Net repeater. W6GGF-UHF will be used as the backup Command Net. (3/2/20 N6MEF)

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