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What is AlertSCC?
AlertSCC is a free, easy, and confidential way for anyone who lives or works in Santa Clara County to get emergency warnings sent directly to their cell phone, mobile device, email, or landline. Visit for more information and to sign up.
I signed up at, and I’m a ham.� Will I get notifications for the hams by doing this?
No. Signing up at is how the general public can ask for notifications. As a ham with county DSW status, you can sign up for ham notifications by logging in at and providing the proper AlertSCC notification information on the "My Contact Info" page.
I have a ham license. Do I need anything else to participate?
Yes. You need to have filled out and signed the proper DSW (Disaster Service Worker) paperwork and it must be on file with the county’s ARES®/RACES group.
I think I filled out DSW paperwork, but I can’t remember if that was for my city or the county. How can I check?
Log on to the Activities/Events system at and click on “Cities/Agencies I support. Under the heading of “County of Santa Clara look for “DSW Paperwork On File. If this says “Yes, you have the proper paperwork in place. If it says “No or the County of Santa Clara heading is not displayed, then you do not have the proper paperwork on file. Contact the District Emergency Coordinator or any ADEC – they will have the appropriate DSW paperwork for you.
How do I establish a log on to the system and supply my AlertSCC information?
If you are new to the system, go to and click on the “New User link. After you have provided your basic contact information, click on “My Contact Info" and enter your AlertSCC information in the AlertSCC box. If you have a login, then simply log in and click on “My Contact Info".
I logged in, but the “AlertSCC Information" box doesn’t display? What’s wrong?
You probably do not have county DSW paperwork on file. Click on “Cities/Agencies I Support" and see if you have any County information. If nothing is shown, then we do not have County DSW information about you.
When I log into the Activities/Event system, my home address and phone numbers are required fields and will not let me log in without providing this information. I am worried about security and don’t want my information shared with anybody. Why is this?
We share your concerns about privacy and security. This information is required by the AlertSCC system. One of its features is “Geolocation" – the ability to notify everyone that is geographically close to an event. Your address is used for this purpose.
OK, I’ve signed up. How does this work?
We have set up four notification groups based on your role as a ham. The four groups are:
   1) all hams with DSW,
   2) City Emergency Coordinators and Assistants (EC and AEC),
   3) MACs and MACs in Training,
   4) County District Emergency Coordinator and Assistants (DEC and ADEC).
You will automatically be added to the appropriate list based on what we know about you and what information is in the Activities/Events system.
I entered my cell phone number in the "Phone #1" field in the AlertSCC Info box, but I didn't get a message during the last quarterly test? What went wrong?
Are there enries in the "Phone #1" and "SMS#1" fields in the AlertSCC Information box? Valid numbers must be entered in both these field. And of course your phone must be capable of receiving tex messages?
What types of alerts will be sent out by the ARES®/RACES group?
Refer to the ARES®/RACES Activation Levels Definition page
Will this system be used to make general announcements like up-coming drills or training classes?
Absolutely not. These types of events are usually listed on the activities page ( and announced during various voice nets such as SPECS and SVECS. The AlertSCC system will only be used to notify you of situations where your services might be needed.
Do I have to participate in the AlertSCC system as a ham?
No. Participation is voluntary. You can provide as little or as much AlertSCC contact information as you want to. The information provided by you cannot be seen or modified by your City EC or County ARES/RACES staff.


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