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Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

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Summary of Impact on SCCo ARES/RACES Activities

Date Activity Disposition
07/18/2020 Training Class: Field Operations Type III Part B & Type II Postponed
07/11/2020 Training Class: Field Operations Type III Part A Postponed
07/08/2020 Training Class: Fundamentals of Emergency Comms Remote Teaching
06/24/2020 Training Class: Fundamentals of Emergency Comms Added; Remote Teaching (Experimental)
06/13/2020 Practice: Pop-up Packet Practice Modified to use social distancing
06/13/2020 Drill: Field Packet Mini-Drill Modified to use social distancing
06/10/2020 Training Class: Intro to Emergency Comms Remote Teaching (Experimental)
06/06/2020 Training Class: Event Planning Table Top Postponed
05/30/2020 Practice: Pop-up Message Passing Practice Modified to use social distancing
05/16/2020 Drill: Quarterly City/County Communications Drill Modified to use social distancing
05/14/2020 Meeting: EC/AEC Council Web Meeting
05/02/2020 Training Class: Message Passing Postponed
04/04/2020 Repeater Sprint Contest and Practice Added
04/04/2020 Training Net: Message Passing Practice Added
04/04/2020 Training Class: Net Control Type II Postponed
03/25/2020 Functional Exercise: Statewide Medical Health Exercise ARES/RACES participation canceled
03/21/2020 Practice Session: Pop-Up Net Control Practice Postponed
03/14/2020 Training Class: Fundamentals of Emergency Comms Postponed
03/07/2020 Training Class: Net Control Type III Part B Postponed



All SCCo ARES/RACES personnel are reminded to follow the precautions recommended by SCCo Public Health, the CDC, and other official entities, including:

See the other reference information below for more comprehensive guidance.











After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to postpone or cancel the following training and exercise activities:

Future activities are under review. We should know more in a few weeks.

Nothing is more important than the health of our people (and their families and others with whom they will come into contact). And our plans for conducting these activities with appropriate “social distancing” met the current public health guidelines. But with federal, state, and local health agencies all continuing to tightening restrictions on gatherings, we think it’s best to err on the side of caution and restrict even this type of activity.

We understand how important these training opportunities are for many of you. So, we will be working on rescheduling the postponed activities sometime in the future. We hope that after a few weeks or so, we will have more information about how this situation is playing out. This will also give us time to conduct some surveys regarding when it might be best to reschedule.

Stay safe and be sure to follow public health guidelines.  For continued updates about our response to COVID-19 and for links to the various health agencies, keep an eye on this page.


The Health Officer of the County of Santa Clara issued an order imposing a countywide moratorium on mass gatherings of 1,000 or more persons. (HTML, PDF)


Weather permitting, we will conduct the 3/21 Pop-Up Net Control Practice session outdoors. See the updated information on the sign-up page.


Weather permitting, we will conduct the 3/14 Fundamentals of Emergency Communications training class outdoors. See the updated information on the sign-up page.


New Guidance from the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health
The Santa Clara County Department of Public Health has issued updated guidance to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).


TL;DR.  What does it say?

If you scroll down to about the middle of the page, in "New Guidance for workplaces and businesses" and in "New Guidance for Persons Hosting Mass Gatherings and Large Community Events", you'll see the general recommendation of canceling "large" meetings and avoiding events where people are within arm's length of one another. 

How does that apply to Santa Clara County ARES/RACES?

While the above guidance is in effect, it is prudent for us to either postpone or cancel activities that are contrary to that guidance.  For example, our training classes place 40-50 people, most of which are in the higher-risk age category of 50 years or older, in a room where they are closer than arm's length to each other for three hours.  That's clearly against the above guidance.

So, we have already notified the folks who signed up for the following two training classes that these events are postponed indefinitely.  We hope to reschedule these events at some point in the future, as we learn more.

We'll decide the status of future events on a case-by-case basis as we get closer to each event. So, if you've signed up for future events, watch for notifications.


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