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Los Altos Radio Programming

Date: 08/24/19 Start: 9:00 AM End: 2:00 PM Location: Neutra House, Los Altos
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

For Los Altos Hams: bring your HT radio to the packet build today (runing at the same time as this event) and we can program your radio with the standard Los Altos frequency lineup.  We will do as many types of radios as we can.  To get your radio programmed, sign up below and send an email to to let us know what type of radio you want us to program.  If you have a programming cable to go with your HT, please bring that, too.

Hams from other cities: you are dordially welcome to get your HT programmed as well. Just sign up below and drop us an email with your radio type. 

We will be using a combination of RT Systems software and Chirp software to do the programming.  The frequency lineup is based on the County voice frequency list that is located on the County web site.

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