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County-wide Communications Exercise

Date: 10/14/17 Start: 8:00 AM End: 2:00 PM Location: Ed Levin County Park-Milpitas
MAC Credit (What's this?): Yes

More Details:  Visit the drill page.

Overall Event:  

Each city/agency is invited to send a team to set up an alternate EOC radio room that is independent of commercial power and able to operate day and night, rain or shine, as if your City EOC was being operated from an alternate location.  These radio rooms will demonstrate the ability to communicate by UHF and VHF voice and packet radio with the alternate County EOC radio room, and optionally with additional field teams from your city. 

A competition will be held to select by vote of participants the best alternate EOC radio rooms and the best in several categories. Winners will receive fame, glory, admiration of all Santa Clara County ARES/RACES members, and awards will be given. 

Individuals may participate whether or not their city sets up an alternate EOC radio room.   Positions will be available in the alternate County EOC radio room and in the field.  All position types will be available, including field communicator, shadow, net control operator, and packet operator.

Evaluations for MAC qualifications will be available.

Enjoy a delicious grilled lunch provided by the County OES!

Sign-ups will be made available as plans are completed.

Individuals who do not have a current DSW registration with Santa Clara County ARES/RACES can register when they arrive at the drill.  Registering for DSW during check-in at the drill may delay check-in by as much as 20 minutes, so plan accordingly.

All MACs and MITs are required to use the Resource Net for travel, all others are encouraged to do so.

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