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July 4th Parade-Morgan Hill - Shadowing/NCO Practical

Date: 07/04/11 Start: 7:30 AM End: 1:00 PM Location: Morgan Hill, CA
Credential Credit (What's this?): Yes

LAST UPDATE: 2011-06-21 as of 2000 hours

This will be the practical part of the Shadowing Class taught the previous month.  It will put into practice all the things learned in the classroom.  This event will also need and use Net Control Operators.

This event will be a SCC RACES Activation and we are asking for resources that are MAC's or MAC in Training

Evaluations will be available for the N1, N2, and S1 qualifications.

There is a need for 25-30 Shadow assignments.

There will also be positions that need to be staffed:  Net Control Operator and Net Operator/Scribe

MAC EVALUATIONS: There will be an opportunity for MAC evaluations as a shadow and net control operator. 


  • This event can get quite warm, even in the morning, and it will be good practice for the personal safety techniques learned in Field Operator Training.
  • There is considerable walking required for this event, so you must be able to be on your feet for several hours at a time.  There are numerous chances for breaks throughout the event.

Details will continue to be updated as needed.  All those signed up will be getting emailed information for the event.  Some of that information is still in the process of being formulated/updated.

SCC RACES Event Contact - Kris Moore KG6YPB 

Event Contact/Safety Marshal Director - Pat Moore K6PMM 

The following positions are available for this event. You can state your preference when you sign up for the event. The event coordinator will attempt to accommodate your request. Based on the event and its requirements, the event coordinator may move hams to positions other than those requested.

Click on a position title for a description of the specific requirements for that position

Shadow - eval5
NCO - eval3
Shadow-non evalyes
NCO - non evalyes
A.M. Travel Net1
P.M. Travel Net1
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