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Palo Alto Firewatch 2010

Date: 07/04/10 Start: 05:30 PM End: 10:30 PM Location: Palo Alto area, SCCo foothills
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

The Palo Alto Fire Department Office of Emergency Services (PAFD/OES) is activating RACES to provide a Fourth of July Fire Watch. RACES radio operators will be posted in selected critical fire potential areas in the foothills area during the evening hours -- approximately 6:30PM to 10:00PM -- on Sunday, July 4. The activation is intended to provide preventative observation support for the foothills and surrounding areas and will involve placing radio operator “lookouts” that will be able to immediately report any unusual sightings to the Palo Alto Communications Center for police and/or fire assistance.

This will be an operational activation of RACES; all participants must have Disaster Service Worker (DSW) registration with the PAFD/OES. RACES members who are also PANDAs already have this DSW  registration. Arrangements will be made to register and swear in those who do not have a Palo Alto DSW at the assembly and briefing before the fire watch.

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