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Ridge Trail Cruz 2010: Field Comm Support

Date: 09/11/10 Start: 07:30 AM End: 05:30 PM Location: Skyline Blvd x PageMill, Hwy 9
Credential Credit (What's this?): No

On Saturday, September 11, the Bay Area Ridge Trail organization and the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District will host the 5th Annual Ridge Trail Cruz. We are looking for about 12 communications volunteers to staff a half dozen check points and aid stations along the various hiking, mountain bike, and equestrian event routes. The routes are located mostly near Hwy 35 (Skyline Blvd) between Page Mill Road and Hwy 9. An event description can be found here:

This is an all day event (~7:30A-5P). Some split shifts will be available, especially since this overlaps with the Field Ops training. Some of the aid stations close early after all the participants have gone by, so there are opportunities for just part of the morning as well.

Each year, the event participation has grown, yet it is fairly small in terms of total event participants. It is a low-key event and good opportunity to support an area that has little to no other communications capabilities. If you are available and can help (or know of someone else that can), please sign up here, or contact me by email:

Mark Foster - KI6DHU

Please provide your preferred email address along with your call sign, day and evening telephone numbers. Thanks.

-- Mark

Note, the "Participants" List below doesn't necessarily contain all the folks signed up; it's just the ones that have registered on this site.  Once the event is complete, I can add the other participants to this list, for "credit" on training/participation.

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